The purpose of the Hispanic Police Officers Association (HPOA), is to inform, educate, unify, and stimulate its membership. The HPOA is a non-profit organization.


The HPOA provides recognized charities with volunteers for their events. Organizations that have benefited from this service include La Liga Contra el Cancer, JDFR, POAT, PBA Love Fund, and the Jackson Memorial Hospital just to name a few. Want assistance for your next charitable event?

Send us an email for details.


The HPOA provides career enhancement training, masters program, and management training courses on a regular basis, or if members seeking promotion. to its members. Management training courses are provided on a regular basis for members seeking promotion. Additional career enhancing training courses are developed as the need arises.

Legal Assistance

The HPOA provides limited legal assistance to members requiring legal representation for incidents arising from the performance of their duty. Go to the legal assistance task for more programs.

For more information visit our Legal Assistance page.


The HPOA regularly hosts events to promote camaraderie among its members. Members can click here to see a calendar of events. These events include domino tournaments, picnics, dances, softball tournaments just to name a few.


Monthly meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Association Hall.


Many individuals and organizations support our organization. Visit our Resources/Partners page to learn more about them.